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Innovative Fitness brings you a unique fitness adventure that guarantees results! Our constantly evolving program is refined and tweaked to fit your personal fitness goals. We offer both one-on-one personal training and group boot camps that take the guess work out working out. Your body will thank you for joining the Innovative Fitness adventure!

Our Lubbock program covers all aspects of personal fitness – from exercise to nutrition – to help you achieve higher levels of health and wellness. The benefits of joining one of our Brenham boot camps include improvements in physical well-being as well as increases in self-confidence. Our distinctive fitness plan will challenge and motivate you to lose that extra weight you have been struggling to get rid of for years. As you drop the pounds and body fat, you will create a new firmer, tighter, and stronger body.

Our specialized fitness programs are designed specifically for women and our goal is to provide you the best possible results in a fun, success-oriented atmosphere. With that in mind, we strive to make each boot camp an energizing and team-building experience.

So if you want results, think Innovative Fitness! Join one of our boot camps, take a nutrition class, or come in for a one-on-one personal training session. We even have our on blog!!! You have never experienced anything like Innovative Fitness – to us, exercise is not just working out, it is a fitness adventure!


Is the same old work out routine just not working for you anymore? Why not try something Innovative?  

Why not try Innovative Fitness? 

An intense workout with a little outdoor adventure mixed in, Innovative Fitness boot camps provide you with the best way to get in shape. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, get fit or just want to be healthy. We’ve got the answer at Innovative Fitness. And we guarantee results. 

As our name implies, we’re innovative. We’re constantly changing and improving our programs to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck – and your health and wellness.  

In Huntsville, our boot camp programs – specifically designed for women – cover every aspect of your personal fitness from eating right to working out. Need help with your diet? We can do that. Need a little motivation? We’re here for you. Not sure where to start? We’ve got that covered, too. 

At Innovative Fitness, you won’t get just another work out. Our boot camp programs are a true fitness adventure. 

Our boot camp instructors want you to be the best you can possibly be. And we won’t stop until you see results. We care about you. We want you to lose weight. We want you to get in shape. We want you to tone up. We want you to be successful. But most importantly, we want you to be healthy and confident. 

We want to help create a tighter, firmer, stronger you. And, of course, have some fun in the process. 

Our workouts are intense. Our plan is unique. Our camps are an adventure. 

So call us today to try out one of our energizing, team-building boot camps, or enroll in one of our nutrition classes. 

We promise, your body will thank us. 

For more information or to purchase a gift card, contact Trevor Carney at 979-450-1027 or info@ifbcs.com.




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